Dear Business Owners & Clients,

We love to build partnerships together with you and every aspect of project planning. Your support is appreciated and important to us. Our website is updated often so do check back.

Want to be notified of public events to sponsor?  Click on the tabs above for Sponsor and fill out the form. Want to have an event at your location or fundraiser? Fill out the Contact us form. Any questions, concerns or suggestions, or call 417-793-7414.

Generally, most of the you come to this website because you are a business owner and interested in finding marketing opportunities for your business. If you happen to be someone who has come here to see what events we have going to visit them, be sure to note that we unfortunately can not invite you in to the Private Events. There are events in our listings that are public and we want to see you there! Thank You again for your support!

What does Private mean for Vendors? It lets you know that it is an event or project in Private Communities located in SWFL. Most of these communities are gated. The public is not invited, for the communities are simply inclusive for their residents, members or guests. Newsletters, Emails, Flyers and word of mouth goes out for weeks up to the scheduled date. Due to non-solicitation rules, vendors generally can not go into a community unless invited. Our relationships we have built has allowed us to extend that invitation to you to “Market your best” at an event that has been approved by several different entities in most cases, the director, the manager, social clubs, committees, and the residents or members themselves. The recurring events are a wonderful opportunity to develop relationships.

The application is a ONE TIME only that covers any & all of our events. Even if you have done events with us in the past, we still need one from you. Once you submit it, unless something changes no more paperwork!

We can not save space due to our commitment to the client to not have any holes and vendors who have habitually cancelled or no call, no-show. This hurts us all, especially the opportunity of someone with a like business who was turned down as a courtesy. So please choose carefully, check the dates twice and be respectful of your time and others If you are choosing more than one date, please email this information to make it easier on you and us.

Questions? Always send an email to swflvendorevents@gmail.com.

All Best,

Wayne, Karyn & Debbie