Why do we need your application?

We have implemented a new vendor program that we are confident that you will understand as it unfolds, your trust in us is one of the most important ingredient in a partnership between us and you. This new vendor program not only lets us get to know you better, it also gives us the tools, for we not only are a Vendor Management company, we also coordinate with clients when they have a special request for vendors that we may not necessarily be on site. The profile that we are completing on you includes all the questions that a client ask, as reflected on the ONE TIME ONLY Application. Did you know we love trees? So the least amount of paperwork we can do that better it is for us and the environment! Please keep that in mind when we ask you to fill out an application event when you may of done a gazillion events with either or both of us in the past.

What’s New for SWFL Vendor Events?

Karyn’s Events & SWFL Vendor EventsĀ 
Have officially merged!

What does this mean for you? More event opportunities! “Many hands make light work” is our theme. In the past year we have been testing a collaborative effort to see how all the working parts from starting with an initial client contract to organizing the Event details worked out. With each event, reflecting back with a list of pro’s & cons and feedback from vendors & clients helped us develop a system. We are confident we will make it look easy to you and the client!