We have events that will update often on the calendar during summer

During periodic times in summer we spend time with family and have a well deserved vacation. During “snowbird season” we do not get much rest or time off. 11/2017- 3/2018 had over 200 events. We do have recurring and new usually indoor events in the summer time, so do watch for those. In May or early June look for the bulk of the next season opportunities to be on the calendar. There may be some dates that are listed prior to then. The theme ~ bookmark our web page and check often. Especially if you are jewelry, you will want to sign up quickly. A space is never confirmed till we give you confirmation, have an one-time application on file and payment is made. Some confirmation from us may take some additional time, as we use your photos to submit to private communities for approval. We do  send out newsletter to encourage you to look at our website, it would be impossible to just give you a list of events just for you. We make it convenient by having a website with updates, so we ask that you do your research and let us know your interest. Any questions, send a email.