Opportunities & Supporting local communities

SWFL Vendor Events goal is to provide innovative and professional event management services with a focus on providing a clients vision to be met with quality and detail. Small Businesses is the backbone of America, in this age of global markets and capitalism, it’s far too easy for small businesses to struggle and fail, no matter what or how superior their products and services may be. We all have the power to change this in within our own local communities. We strive to facilitate these changes by finding and offering opportunities, and managing the logistics of all types of Markets, Events or Expos. We encourage people everywhere to learn, explore, shop, eat and build a relationship with local independent Business Consultants or Owners. Spending local for services/products keeps the money in our communities by helping local families buy school supplies, clothing, pay their rent and so much more. Shopping in big box stores does not necessarily keep our dollars local.

Our team’s experience has decades of a combined effort in management, shows, expos and special events. Some types of events may only require an event coordinator and other types may require a full team with additional talents and services. We appreciate and are always humbled by everyone’s support & encouragement.