Grab your cold drink, your calendar and a pencil and start by clicking on Upcoming Events   You can view by month, list or day and print if you would like. Fill out the form listed for any event that you are interested in, If you are interested in several dates Email us at swflvendorevents@gmail.com OR write in the description/dates of your interested choice and choose “other” as venue. We will respond with availability information. ALL VENDORS must have a one time application.

Since most of the dates for events begin this fall, there is an added value for you when you book in June or early July. You will qualify for the early advertising with the name and type of business that will be coming this fall in their community.  They begin their Fall “Newsletter”  about mid July for a preview of events to come to their snowbirds. This is an added value for you. This will continue by way of email, calendars, flyers and text reminders to the resident/member up to 90 days prior to your arrival. Having your application in for approval and signing up early has its advantages.

Once you choose a date(s) that you want to confirm we will process this request and invoice you. This process could be from immediate or up to 2 weeks after we confirm with you availability of space at an event depending on the date of the event.  You will always get a confirmation email, your receipt is your paid invoice. It is important to know that because we hold your space and immediately go to work with scheduling you, forwarding your information to our client the fee listed in each event is non refundable unless WE cancel. Dates are non transferable and no credits are given if event continues as promised. Payment due dates will average from 3 days to a maximum of 1 week. At that time your invoice may cancel and the space filled by another vendor. This is for all events that are listed now and future. We welcome questions. On the main calendar page below the calendar has more detailed information.

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Disclaimer: If you find typos, or grammar issues please forgive us and we may find a moment if early on to correct, if it just totally made the event different or entertaining, I hope it brings a smile with “I understand”, good for the soul! Lots of hours building this website. Enjoy!